Chakra Bracelet


This bracelet is meant to balance the chakras to clear energy blockages and promote positive energy flow.

The 7 Chakras that run along our spine are said to be the energy centers of are body and each one corresponds to major nerves and organs. When they are blocked, you may experience physical or emotional symptoms related to that Chakra. 

14k gold-filled beaded bracelet with natural chakra stone beads

100% Guaranteed Tarnish Resistant

  • Bead width: 5mm
  • Elastic Stretch


  • Jewelry Care

    To keep the piece looking pristine, we recommend that you remove your jewelry before your daily rituals (i.e. showering, applying creams, perfume, exercising, etc.) 

    All gold-filled jewelry items have a 1 year guarantee!

  • Lead time

    Ships within 1-2 weeks.

    International shipping available.

  • Returns/Exchanges

    We stand by the quality of our product, so in the unlikely event that it arrives damaged, please contact us immediately. Unless damaged, all orders are final sale. No refunds or exchanges are permitted.